How Motorcycle Insurance Works

Motorcyclists love their bikes, but they also face a host of risks when they own one. One way to help mitigate that risk is to have motorcycle insurance. If your motorcycle isn’t covered by insurance, be sure to give us a call at Willyard Agency in Highland Village, TX.

Liability Insurance

There are several different kinds of coverage that are included in a motorcycle insurance policy. Motorcycle insurance has to include a couple of types of liability coverage, including bodily injury liability and property damage liability. These types of coverage are helpful if you were to be judged at fault for an accident. The bodily injury coverage is for third parties that are injured in an accident that you caused. The property damage coverage pays for damage done to other vehicles, plants, etc. With this coverage, people don’t have to sue you for medical bills or damages. Having both of these types of coverage is extremely important so that you don’t end up with enormous medical debt. 

Other Auto Insurance Coverages

There are many more types of coverage that are helpful for motorcycle riders, though they may not be required by law. One of these is collision insurance. With this coverage, if there is a wreck that you are at fault for, the damage to your bike can be repaired or the bike replaced. comprehensive auto insurance is another type and just as useful. It covers a number of accidents and other incidents that can happen to a vehicle when you aren’t driving it. Both of these coverage types are highly recommended.

Protect Your Motorcycle

If you want to protect both your motorcycle and your finance, you need motorcycle insurance. It protects you from a wide variety of occurrences that can cause damage to your bike, the vehicles of those around you, and the many injuries they can cause. If you need motorcycle insurance, give us a call at Willyard Agency in Highland Village, TX.

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