A Basic Guide to RV Insurance

Have you purchased an RV recently? If so, you may be curious as to what you need in terms of insurance coverage, especially before you take the RV out on the open road for a trip. Here at Willyard Agency, we want to ensure that Highland Village, TX residents are properly informed about RV insurance and their coverage options.

Is Insurance Required for an RV?

Sufficient coverage is important because an RV is a large vehicle, which means it can result in serious damage and significant injuries if involved in an accident. Typically, you can expect to need the same liability coverage for your RV as you would need for your automobile. You may also want to consider adding collision and comprehensive coverage so you aren’t personally responsible for those costs if you’re found at fault in an accident.

What Kind of Coverage Is Needed?

RVs come in different classes. Your insurance coverage will be based on the class your RV is classified as, how frequently the RV is used, and whether you live in the RV. Class A includes RVs like a luxury coach and converted buses. Class B includes camper vans and travel trailers. Class C includes the ones between A and B, such as fifth-wheel vehicles and ones with attached cabs.

What Is Covered by an RV Insurance Policy?

Generally, RV insurance is considered a combination of a homeowner’s and auto insurance policy. However, based on your protection and usage needs, there are additional coverage options that can be added, such as comprehensive coverage, total loss replacement, full-timer coverage, campsite and vacation liability, and roadside assistance. You can speak to an agent about whether these additional riders are necessary.

When you are ready to insure your RV, reach out to the insurance agents here at Willyard Agency. Serving the Highland Village, TX and surrounding area, we can work with you to determine the precise coverage you need for your recreational vehicle.

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