Umbrella Insurance for Touring Musicians: Is It Necessary?

Touring as a musician can be an exciting and exhausting experience. Unfortunately, it can also be financially devastating after serious injuries or accidents. Thankfully, we at Willyard Agency can help to protect Highland Village, TX touring bands and any other musicians in the area with an umbrella insurance policy. Here’s what touring musicians need to know about this insurance type.

What Umbrella Insurance Does 

Umbrella insurance policies are typically necessary for businesses that need a high level of liability coverage. They kick in when a standard policy has been exhausted and help to prevent out-of-pocket costs. But do touring musicians need this type of policy? That all depends on a few different factors, as many things could happen during a musical tour, such as:

  • Crashing a touring van or bus into another vehicle 
  • Getting into a fight backstage with aggressive fans 
  • Potential hearing damage caused by the volume of the music 
  • Injuries caused by fans dancing on the floor 
  • Damage triggered by unsafe pyrotechnical displays 

These issues can cause a high level of liability for touring musicians and put them in a problematic financial situation. Smaller groups probably don’t need an umbrella policy if they rarely tour or don’t make a lot of money on the road. However, larger bands with more financial investment in their touring may need this type of policy to stay safe from problematic lawsuit situations. 

Protect Your Touring Reputation 

Are you a touring musician who wants to protect their livelihood from a severe lawsuit? Then please contact us at Willyard Agency right away to learn more about umbrella insurance. We can provide options for your Highland Village, TX touring band to minimize your potential financial loss. We’ll find an umbrella option that makes sense for your financial situation as a group.

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