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Life Insurance

If you are like most people, you want to be responsible for your and your family’s financial future. You may have a 401k or another retirement fund, but that isn't enough. It would be best if you also had a life insurance policy, regardless of your age. There are a few reasons why having life insurance is so important.

You Don't Know What Tomorrow Holds.

Many young people don't have a life insurance policy because they think they are too young. This is a mistake. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds, and your life can end in the blink of an eye. Nobody knows when they will die; therefore, regardless of your age, you should have a life insurance policy.

Cover Your Burial Costs

Today, the average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000. If you pass suddenly and have no savings or life insurance, your family will have the financial burden of paying for your funeral. This is a lot of pressure to put on those you love who are grieving. If you have a life insurance policy, there will be money for your family to pay for your funeral.

Protect Your Family

If you were to die suddenly, it would affect your family's financial future. If you don't have a life insurance policy, your family won't depend on your income. Sadly, it won't be long until your family begins to have serious financial problems. If you have a life insurance policy, your family will have that money to live on after your death. This is the most responsible thing that you can do for your family.

Pay Off Debt

When you die, your debt won't die with you. If you are married and you and your spouse are both named on the mortgage or if you have joint credit cards, the debt will fall on your spouse's shoulders if you die. If you have life insurance, your spouse can use some of the money to pay off any outstanding debt.

If you live in Texas and are thinking about taking out a life insurance policy, our agents at the Willyard Agency can help. We can help set you up with a life insurance policy that will ensure that your family is protected if you pass away. To get your policy started, give us a call or stop by today.

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