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Motorcycle Insurance

If you are thinking about buying a motorcycle in the state of Texas, you will first need to get a motorcycle license. When you pass the test, the Department of Motor Vehicles will put an “M” on your license. When you buy a motorcycle, you will need to register it, but you will need motorcycle insurance before you can do this.

Liability Insurance

To register a motorcycle and drive it legally, you need to have at least the state minimum liability insurance. This will cover another driver's vehicle if you cause an accident. It will also cover their medical bills and any property damage that you cause. Your motorcycle will not be covered if you cause an accident. The minimum liability is relatively low; therefore, it might not cover the accident's entire cost. If this happens, you could be sued and forced to pay the remainder out of your own pocket. If you are worried about this, you can increase the amount of coverage that you carry.


If you want your motorcycle to be covered, if you cause an accident, you need to take out an additional collision policy. If you are making loan payments on your motorcycle, the lender will require that you have a collision policy.


This insurance will cover your motorcycle in non-collision related incidents. If your motorcycle is stolen or damaged by anything other than a collision, this insurance will cover the damage.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

If you get caught driving your motorcycle without insurance once, you would be required to pay a fine between $175 and $350. You would also be required to pay a $250 fee on your driver's license for the next three years. If you are caught more than once, you will be looking at a suspended license, having your vehicle impounded, and a long, difficult road if you want to get your license back.

Before you can register your new motorcycle, you will need insurance. Fortunately, our agents at the Willyard Agency can help. We will help you purchase the best policy to meet your needs. To get your policy started today, stop by our office in Highland Village, TX, or give us a call.

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