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Umbrella Insurance

Whether you’re in the market for personal insurance or business insurance, umbrella insurance is something Texas residents might want to include in your search. The Willyard Agency in Highland Village, TX understands the unique challenges facing people who live and work in the Lonestar State and can help you get the insurance coverage you need to protect your assets and provide peace of mind, including umbrella insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a specialized type of liability insurance that offers financial protection and various other types of personal and business liability coverages and offers additional protection against things like libel and slander that aren’t covered under existing insurance policies.

It is more important to understand how umbrella insurance works. This is a type of insurance that doesn’t kick in until your existing insurance protection is exhausted (or you’ve exceeded the limit of your current coverage).

IIn order for umbrella insurance to work for you, you must have the appropriate liability protection, such as general liability, auto liability, professional liability, ATV liability, motorcycle liability, watercraft liability, etc. Umbrella insurance kicks in when a judgment, settlement, or legal fees for a covered risk exceed your existing policy coverage.

This protects residents and business owners from the financial devastation that it could create. The umbrella policy exists to protect your personal assets from being liquidated to pay the difference. This can spare you the loss of retirement plans, homes, children’s college funds, and any assets of value you own.

Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy Right for You?

Umbrella insurance provides protection for claims and lawsuits for accidents you caused. Having this coverage can shield not only your current assets, it can also protect your future income from garnishments.

Umbrella insurance limits are in increments of $1 million and can cost as little as $200-$400 per year for most people.

Willyard Agency in Highland Village, TX is here to help you determine if you require the invaluable protection an umbrella insurance policy provides and how much protection is the right amount for your peace of mind.

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